About Saigon Spring Jewelry

Saigon Spring was birthed out of that initial leap and Trang’s continuing passion for jewelry. Trang loves creating unique, handcrafted jewelry to flatter every woman and complement each person’s individual style.

Who is Trang?

Trang Pham is the woman behind Saigon Spring Jewelry.  Trang left her job in an international company to pursue her dream of living by her craft and doing the things she loves.  To conquer her fear of failure, during a trip 2 years ago she decided to jump off a cliff into the water.  She told herself:  “If I jump, I have conquered my big fear of falling. Nothing worse that can scare me any more.”

Everything from the horn jewelry to Tree of Life necklaces are designed to inspire the wearer to triumph over her own fears and appreciate her own natural beauty and the expression of it.  Through her business she hopes to eventually generate more jobs for women and foster their creativity.

Saigon Spring Jewelry items have been carried to many countries, and have been on display at University Of Michigan Museum Of Art.

a little message to my


“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. We’re always scared of what we will be losing but what we will have if we try. From my experience, my life has changed since that jump.”

Fantastic Handmade Jewelry Shop Tucked into a Quiet Street in Lovely Thao Dien. Trang, the designer and shop owner, spent almost 2 hours with us when we were trying to choose gifts to take back to the USA! Prices are extremely reasonable.

– Terry Moses

They are great! Exactly what I was looking for. They fit very well and are so pretty! Thank you very much! Will definitely buy more!

– Diana Petrova

We were searching for a handmade and unique gift from Vietnam and we’re glad that we found this little shop! The lovely owner was enthusiastic to talk and explain to us meaning and function of the stones and other items! ♥

– Mai Huynh Sang