Our journey of Saigon Spring Jewelry with you...

Making jewelry is not only a business to us, but it's also the bridge that has connected us to many great friends and let us be inspired by them, we truly appreciate this journey! 
Mary modeling red buffalo horn earrings on Bazaar magazine
I knew about Mary when I was still a young girl looking for a female role model in life. At that time Mary just arrived in Saigon as a US Consul General. I have a great admiration for Mary and I had a chance to talk to her in an event for women a few years later. She is so intelligent but so humble, she has a great sense of humor and makes everyone around her feel so positive. Mary never misses a chance to support everyone, even if that's the person she just met. She is a women of kindness, compassion and love. To me Mary is also a fashionista, she knows how to look so impressive every time she appears, formal or casual, especially you can read Mary's personality through her style: charming but humble, decisive but very thoughtful, adventurous but also family-oriented. I'm so thrilled every time she chooses to wear Saigon Spring Jewelry designs to her events. The way she mix jewelry with her outfits is just on point! Mary has inspired me to not giving up on my dream, to live life to the fullest and to share more, to give more. Mary is an inspiration not only to me but many other ladies in Vietnam. We are very lucky to to know her. Both my husband and I are very honored to have her come to our wedding, celebrated the special day with us.
Katy wears Labradorite Tree Of Life pendant necklace
More to come...