Unique Handcrafted Jewelry Store In La Jolla


Saigon Spring Jewelry is founded in March 2016 in Saigon, Vietnam, by Trang Pham (Jen). We design and hand craft jewelry, accessories from buffalo horn (byproduct), gemstones as a way to appreciate natural resources. Each product is made one at a time, with love and passion. We want to add to the world something unique, sophisticated and hypoallergenic. At that time, many products are made and shipped out from our bedroom. With very little budget for marketing, we only knew to make a good product and take a real deal on customer service to let the business grow by word of mouth. About 1 year later, the first Saigon Spring store was opened in Saigon.
"My idea is to introduce a top-quality collection of handcrafted jewelry that I designed, and the beauty of Vietnamese natural resources as well as the craftsmanship to as many people as possible. Through my journey, I also hope that I can inspire other female friends to conquer their fears and to follow their dreams of doing what they love. Our store in Saigon was voted as one of a "must-visit" places when traveling to this city.
 When I moved to La Jolla, I brought my "baby" Saigon Spring with me. Together with my husband, we hope we can keep introducing our proud products and contribute our part to maintain the strong and enriched community of La Jolla."- Jen Pham, designer and owner of Saigon Spring Jewelry.
If you are looking for a jewelry gift for yourself, or a birthday gift, Christmas gifts for your loved ones, we are confident to be one of your right choices in La Jolla with our unique handcrafted products, variety of styles and a wide range of prices.
Jen Pham
Owner & Designer
Saigon Spring Jewelry
7703 Fay Ave, La Jolla CA 92037



Jewelry and accessories are game changers in many cases. With creativity and passion, we want to offer a stylish, and sophisticated option to the table, but more than that, we want to emphasize the uniqueness and the meaning behind every piece of our jewelry. 


We work mainly with water buffalo horn and gemstones to make our jewelry.

Water buffalo horn is an eco-friendly, byproduct material. All buffalo horn from Saigon Spring is eco-friendly and ethically sourced from several regions. Horn from the water buffalo is not considered precious, so buffalos are not killed for the purpose of harvesting their horn. To the Vietnamese farmer, the water buffalo’s greatest value is in their ability to assist with farm work. Our horn material comes from animals that died of natural causes or were used for meat. By using horn for jewelry and functional items, we save it from being discarded or burned. Buffalo horn products are not only lightweight, sustainable but because every horn has a unique color and pattern, they are also sophisticated and one-of-a-kind.

Beside of buffalo horn, we're also known for our signature item: Tree Of Life pendant necklace that we wire wrapped with gemstones. Each gemstone represents a meaning, a beautiful reminder of positivity, love and kindness. Copper or sterling silver wire is what we use to wrap a Tree Of Life around it. As you know Tree Of Life is an ancient symbol that encourages us to keep growing, experiencing our life journey and live life to the fullest. We want to deliver a thoughtful message to everyone who receive our Tree Of Life pendant.