Helen Davies: Have Confidence In Yourself!

Helen in blue dress with big statement necklace at Children's Pool in La Jolla
Helen and I met at the Children's Pool in La Jolla to take this picture. It was an early morning of October. The weather is so nice and cool since La Jolla is moving to fall season, and the blue ocean is just right there, so refreshing! 

Helen is a dear friend of mine, her husband Julian is also a good friend of my husband. She has many pieces of jewelry from me. On the first day we opened the store here in La Jolla, Julian came as soon as we opened the door to buy a pair of green earrings for Helen, her favorite color. He also gave us one dollar as the first lucky dollar we earned with the store, and wished us well! This man is so sweet and supportive!

So we had an idea of taking picture of Helen with my buffalo horn jewelry and a little talk for this blog. She chose to wear a statement necklace and a pair of stud earrings with her blue dress which is just on point: the necklace stands out on the round collar solid blue dress, and adding the stud earrings doesn't take away the attention of the statement necklace. 

Helen's style is elegant and fun. She likes to wear jewelry that can match with her bright color clothes, and she won't feel she's fully dressed if she does not have a necklace and earrings on. So she said my buffalo horn jewelry is unique and it stands out with her clothes. I'm happy to hear that. It's always nice to hear how someone chooses your jewelry to light up their outfits.

To me, Helen is a cheerleader. I always feel so nice and cheerful every time I meet her. I'm totally inspired by her self-love attitude, which it's clearly needed in order to be happy and contented. Like any other people, Helen also went through some difficult times, but it is hard to see those time through her eyes. Her eyes are so pure like a young girl keep being curious about life. When I asked her where did she find the strength to thrive, she simply answered me: "The outdoor inspires me, particularly ocean. And it inspires me to try to get back out and enjoy the nature. However, the one thing that has helped me in the most difficult time is the support and love of my family. Particularly I have two children, it motivated me to get them a good example and also to get better so I can enjoy life with them and see them grow up." 

Helen has used mother power as a weapon to fight with her challenges. Just like Sophia Loren once said, “When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.” 

Helen at Children's Pool in La Jolla


Helen also shared a tip to deal with difficult time: "Think about the good things that you have in your life, and what the possibility are when you address your situation, and also to have confidence in yourself, you can get through the worst of time just by believing in your own ability and also to reaching out to your family and friends around you." What a great reminder! As human being, we tend to focus so much on unexpected things or things we can not control and forget about all the other things we have achieved. It only takes one shift and we may realize the situation is not as bad as we thought or predicted!

We said goodbye to each other after this girl talk. Julian came back from his walk and picked Helen up. They were hand in hand, I feel warm by the way they care for each other. On my way back to the store to start my day, I thought about what Helen just said. She used mother power, and the confidence in herself that she has built for years, to deal with hard time, as well as reaching out to family and friends. I agree that challenges seem to be easier to get through when you have the support from your loved ones, and it's more important is that do not be afraid of reaching out to them when you need, because we simply are there for each other as family and friends. 

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