Best Gift For Her This Christmas 2020: Tree Of Life Pendant Necklace

Tree Of Life pendant necklace is a signature item of my jewelry making journey. To make them, I use different natural stones and wrap them carefully by sterling silver or copper wire. The back of it is nicely finished to the point that if you wear a dedicated silk top, it won't scratch it even just a little.
Each stone has a story to tell. If Labradorite represents protection from negative moods, Agate is a stone of happiness and a new beginning. While Amethyst is a thoughtful gift to comfort a friend with anxiety, Prehnite is considered as a reminder of unconditional love. I can spend hours in the store sharing about stone stories!!!
Tree Of Life Necklaces by Saigon Spring Jewelry In La Jolla
Once you have a Tree Of Life pendant from me, no one else can have the same one that you own. Each piece is unique, just like each of us, we are the one and only version on this planet ❤️.
Even I make jewelry with variety of materials and styles, when a customer is having a hard time finding a gift, I always suggest a safest option: Tree Of Life pendant necklace. It is a meaningful gift for yourself and your beloved ones, a great way to tell someone that she is special!
When you buy a Tree Of Life pendant, a black cord will come with it as a gift. Or you can buy a silver chain, rose god plated chain as another option. I put it to the golden organza bag before I put them to a box with cotton inside to protect them. I want to make sure the Tree Of Life is well protected and whoever receive it can feel that she is appreciated.
I don't post a lot of my Tree Of Life pendants on the website because the photos can not do them justice. They look so much more beautiful in person. Therefore I only posted a few of them that I just made here.
The best way is to visit my store at 7703 Fay Ave, La Jolla to explore my entire Tree Of Life collection and choose the best one for someone you love. Each one is the only one, so hurry up!!!
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