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La Jolla in San Diego is a "must-visit" beach destination of California. With blue ocean, blue sky, good weather and a great community to maintain its beauty... Mother Nature has given to this land so much love! La Jolla definitely is a remarkable spot on the map. 

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As many of you who know me, I've been making jewelry, building my dream with a jewelry store in Saigon since 2016. The store has given me so much joy and opportunity to give back to the community through my charity activities and job creativities for more women in Saigon. However, I got married and followed my love to La Jolla. With tears in my eyes, we decided to close the store in Saigon without knowing if I can have this dream again... It took 4 years for me to establish the store in Saigon and when moving to a new place, the difference of expense and the thought of having to start from scratch again has scared me to keep up with a dream of working in my own store...

Thankfully the story is not end there... During the pandemic, my husband and I had an opportunity to take over a place in La Jolla. I thought about it again, and knew it've always been my dream and that I should not give up on it. Together with my husband, we accepted the challenge and opened the jewelry store in La Jolla.

We worked literally day and night in almost 2 months on decorating the store. It was a fun project for us and we really enjoyed the process. We really paid attention on every little detail of the store in order to make this place an inspiring place, especially for women. From the little encouraging quotes you can find here and there, to pictures of remarkable women, to the green and flower everywhere... We want everyone that walks into the store to be inspired by a cozy look and a good vibe from the store. 

Jewelry store in La Jolla

The look is important. But the more important thing to us is the product that we will sell in the store. They are my exclusive designs, all is handcrafted jewelry from natural resources like water buffalo horn and gemstones. We select materials very careful, to make sure they have the highest quality. And when we craft them into jewelry, non of them is the same because of their unique natural materials. 

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Ever since I was a child, I already loved fashion, especially jewelry. I used to make clothes and accessories from the silliest things. Like wrapping a blanket around myself, making a long necklace from the branch of the cassava tree in my parents' garden, a chunky ring to wear on my index finger from banana leaves, and walked around my bed. Now I can live in my childhood dream, working in a store with full of jewelry I made, wear them everyday, enjoy the joy when someone appreciate my creation and they want it for themselves. I'm really grateful for it!

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When you come here, you can try on anything, have fun with the jewelry I made. Even if you don't buy anything, when you walk out with a smile, you already paid me! I really want to share the love with jewelry to as many of you as possible. I think any of us should be proud of our passion no matter what it is! 

But if you get a piece or two or a few from me, it could become an addiction because of their unique, fabulous looks, the comfortable feeling when wearing them, as well as the high quality materials is what we're really proud of. After sales service is our priority. When you love something you made, you don't just stop loving them when they're not with you anymore. You can always bring them back for me so I can take a good care of them like cleaning, fixing... before returning them to you. 

With a wide range of prices, variety of styles, my handcrafted jewelry will not let you down when you look for a gift for yourself, or birthday gifts for your loved ones, or souvenirs to bring back home after your vacation in La Jolla.

I look forward to welcoming you to my own world of jewelry. We are just across from the famous restaurant of La Jolla: The Cottage. You can plan for a day trying out The Cottage and visiting Saigon Spring Jewelry. It's certainly not a bad choice to be in your "Things to do in La Jolla" list.

Jen Pham

Saigon Spring Jewelry in La Jolla - 7703 Fay Ave

(858) 255-8085 /

Open from 9AM-4:30PM, Tuesday to Sunday

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