Buffalo horn twist chain necklace
buffalo horn necklace
fashion chain necklace
details of twist chain necklace made of buffalo horn
the clasp of buffalo horn chain necklace
Twist chain necklace made of buffalo horn
Contrast chain necklace on a necklace stand

Contrast Twist Chain Necklace

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24" necklace, twist style, handmade from water buffalo horn, contrast with black and honey brown color.

To make this twist chain necklace, we hand selected horn material, cut them into pieces and heat them up in order to twist them to the shape we want, polish each of them without using chemistry, and link them together by a special glue. The necklace has a clasp that makes it quick and easy to wear. The color of the necklace is all natural from black and brown horn. 

This classy necklace is a highlight for your high neckline top/ dress or a blouse.