My Journey With Saigon Spring Jewelry

My journey in the jewelry industry started in 2016, when I launched a modest booth at a local flea market in Vietnam with only $200. Despite the humble beginnings, I managed to create a solid clientele and established an Etsy shop, which paved the way for the opening of my first storefront within a year. As the business grew, I expanded my product line beyond eco-friendly buffalo horn and sterling silver jewelry and ventured into the realm of fine jewelry. My drive and passion for the industry took me to various trade shows in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, France, and the US, allowing me to expand my network and hone my skills as a jewelry professional.

In 2020, I took the leap and opened my second jewelry store in La Jolla, CA after relocating to the US. To ensure that I could provide my customers the highest level of expertise and reassurance, I pursued the Graduate Gemologist diploma from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This program deepened my knowledge of diamond grading, gem identification, sourcing and evaluating quality and helped refine my jewelry professional skills. By completing this rigorous program, I am able to confidently assure my customers that they are purchasing jewelry of the highest quality and value.

As a jewelry professional and a strong advocate for environmental and human rights, I believe in the importance of promoting ethical practices in the diamond industry. That's why I prioritize the use of known-origin diamonds in my jewelry. These diamonds are traceable from the mine to the consumer, ensuring that they are free from conflict and exploitation. By choosing known-origin diamonds, I am able to offer my customers jewelry that not only looks beautiful, but is also responsibly sourced. I work with skilled artisans and source only the finest materials, such as 14k gold and known-origin diamonds. Through a streamlined production process and direct-to-consumer model, I am able to offer high-end quality diamond jewelry at affordable prices. My collection of elegant and sophisticated pieces is accessible to a wider range of customers who appreciate the fine attention to detail and ethical sourcing practices behind each design.

After the birth of my son, I made the difficult decision to close my store and focus on my family. However, my desire to create the highest quality jewelry never waned, and I now own a jewelry appraisal office to have the flexibility to be with my son and run an online shop in my spare time. Not only does this allow me to continue pursuing my artistic endeavors, but it also enables me to contribute to a noble cause. I believe in empowering women, and that's why 5% of my revenue goes towards funding a program that supports women in their studies at the renowned Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Thank you for choosing my jewelry store, where every piece is created with passion, care, and a commitment to excellence in both quality and ethics.

Trang Pham, GIA GG

Founder of Saigon Spring Jewelry

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