Christmas Gift Ideas For Women Of All Ages - Shop In La Jolla

Christmas Gift Ideas For Women Of All Ages - Shop In La Jolla

2020 is a tough year for all of us. We maybe flooded with news and people telling us this Christmas will be different... There will be more virtual dinners than ever, less public celebration events, the rule of social distance might still postpone us from hugging each other (keep in mind it will not be permanent)... However, Christmas gifting tradition will not change, it's even more engaged as it's one of a safe ways to show love and care to one another in this rough year. To us, we get very excited this time of the year, because our jewelry is bought as gifts more than anytime. We always feel joyful helping customers choosing a piece of jewelry that we made with love, carefully wrap it, with a wish card in it... And it is a sense of excitement when we both imagine how would that person feels about this gift when she opens it... 

We would like to give you some ideas to shop for your beloved women this Christmas:

1) A meaningful Tree Of Life necklace

Meaningful Tree Of Life Necklaces
Tree Of Life is very famous in many cultures and religions. To me, Tree Of Life is an inspiration for me to think of living life to the fullest, love-laugh- and pray, and stay closer to nature. I started making Tree Of Life necklaces since then.
Each necklace is unique as it's handmade from a different natural gemstone. Plus each gemstone represents a meaning of motivation. If Labradorite represents protection from negative moods, Agate is a stone of happiness and a new beginning. While Amethyst is a thoughtful gift to comfort a friend with anxiety, Prehnite is considered as a reminder of unconditional love... and so on. 
Prices for these Tree Of Life necklaces are from $45 - $300 depends on gemstones, Cooper or Sterling Silver wire. A black cord necklace is included. Or you can purchase different chains from us with prices from $25-$80 depends on materials. You can see the entire collection at the store or check some of them HERE

2) A unique piece of jewelry from buffalo horn

Christmas gift ideas for women of all ages

Jewelry that is made of buffalo horn is unique and significant as it's promoting the zero-waste lifestyle. It's also a choice for a healthy skin due to the buffalo horn's anti-static and hypoallergenic nature. From the raw buffalo horn, we make many different designs that surprises you by its trendy, sophisticated final look. 

Prices of buffalo horn jewelry are from $30-$200 depends on which design. You can visit the store or purchase online some of our designs HERE

3) A sophisticated necklace or earrings from special Baltic Amber

Amber Jewelry In La Jolla


Amber is fossilized tree resin pine and cypress forests that has been used for making jewelry since Neolithic times. The beauty of Amber is fascinated, and sophisticated. 

Prices of Amber jewelry are from $45-$900 depends on designs and sizes. Once again, visiting the store to view all we have is highly recommended. Otherwise, some designs are available for online purchase HERE

This year, you can come to our store in La Jolla (at 7703 Fay Ave) to complete your Christmas shopping list. We respectfully follow the guideline to protect Public Health when operating the store: we restrict the numbers of people in the store to not more than 6 people, we have hand sanitizer and masks ready for anyone walks in, we have contactless payment, we sanitize any piece of jewelry that the previous customers touched. 

We also work on our website for online shopping. However, we we can't put all of our inventory on the website due to the limited quantity of our handcrafted jewelry. So to view the rest of our stocks, it's best to shop at the store. 



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