Tips To Wear Buffalo Horn Statement Earrings

Buffalo horn is a unique and natural material for making jewelry. It's also known as a great material to make statement jewelry especially earrings for its lightweight function. However, when it comes to buffalo horn statement earrings, we tend to afraid of how to wear them without creating a "too much" look, as well as how to preserve them. Being a jewelry designer that has been working with buffalo horn for 4 years, i would like to give you some tips to clear out your concerns regarding to buffalo horn statement earrings. 

First, let's talk about statement earrings. Whatever materials earrings are, if they are statement style, you can be easily make yourself standout and bring your outfit a new look.

Tips to wear statement earrings

Make them pop

The first tip I’m recommending you to wear your statement earrings is to make them pop. You have to make sure that your earrings standout from your outfit because they’re a statement piece and you want people to see them before they compliment you on other items.

The way you can implement this tip is to put on the right outfit. You want to make your earrings pop by wearing simple style clothing. Try to stick with simple cut clothing, not a ruffle sleeve blouse or a tutu skirt. If you can pick the outfit that shows off your neckline or shoulders like a Bardot style top or dress, that will make your earrings visible as you walk into the crowd.

No necklace no worry

The second tip is to leave your neck freely.

You don’t want to overwhelm your neckline as your neck and shoulders will be the display base for your earrings. If you can put your hair up, or have any hairdos that will show off your earrings, this will help emphasize them perfectly.

But if you can’t leave home without your neck accessories, try choosing the tiny dainty necklace instead of a big and noticeable one.

Buffalo horn earrings are easy to preserve

You will be amazed by their life expectancy. Since all the buffalo horn jewelry are polished naturally without using any chemical, they can stay a long time in "like new" condition without any intensive care. After wearing them for a long time, they might get faded by the dust or sweat. If so, using a clean dry cotton cloth to clean and rub them, they will return to their "like new" condition. 

Here are some suggestions for buffalo horn statement earrings 

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